Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We Just May Have a Venue

So it was semi-finalized a couple weeks ago - but that was while I was driving out to the coast to my friend's wedding and just a couple days before leaving for Thailand. We're doing it at the zoo. Which I initially wrote off because it seemed easily tacky and childish. But... the wedding planner encouraged us to go see it and we were running out of options. It actually has real potential. I think if we just keep the rest of the class factor high, we're good. Their events coordinator seems really nice and like she really has it together, the money goes to support the zoo - the zoo that is right by our house and we will take our kids too, and it's in a park that we've visited often throughout our courtship. Duh. It's perfect.

I just woke up the next morning with a completely renewed energy. Hooray! There's still a lot of work ahead and, I'm certain, more times where my champagne tastes and frat beer budget will clash but for now, I'm happy.

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