Wednesday, July 28, 2010


It's always funny how people who don't even know you feel compelled to chime in on incredibly personal matters with their own two cents.

This week it was a complete stranger telling me not to get married. Even better, he wasn't even saying to just be single. Just stick with the same person but don't get married. For yeaaarrrsss. But I pointed out that if you're with someone for that long, even though there is no legal technicality to go through (and no laws to actually help you out), your lives are intertwined and separating the two is going to be a big damn deal. Even after Justin and I hadn't been together for more than two years, it once occurred to me how hard it would be to go our separate ways. And I'm not just talking about emotionally - I'm talking about my bike in his shed and my groceries in the cabinets and my bathroom drawers and all of my kitchen goods since they kept migrating to his house as I needed things. We don't even live together. So this guy thinks that just not formalizing the commitment is the way to go to make this all easy. Thanks for the advice dude. Here's my advice to you: do a better job of choosing and if you're going to make a commitment, make a commitment. I don't know what happened in his past but... I'm kind of thinking that he played a role in the downfall.

The question of whether or not I've chosen the right one is something I do think about. Because I take this really seriously. We're talking the rest of our lives and I think that is serious. I love Kevin. I can't imagine being with anyone else. While he drives me absolutely insane sometimes with his undending fretting, he also does things that make me smile from ear to ear while tears of happiness sting my eyes. He's my partner. We respectfully make decisions together. We thoroughly enjoy each other's company but we respect that we each need time to do our own things.

I think what worries me is that I'm not all gooey. But I think that I'm just not a super gooey person.

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