Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'm optimistic!

So today, things are looking good. I have a lot of stress (as in I can feel the adrenaline) about the next week and a half. Finishing getting ready for Sam and Chuck's wedding and Sam's bachelorette party, getting packed up and organized, hopefully, oh so hopefully nailing down a venue and a wedding date, and oh, yeeaaaahhhh work like whoa for the job that actually pays me money. If I'm going to be gone for two weeks during a busy time, I've gotta get well ahead of the game. And I was already behind. Crap.

But in venue news, we have a date to look at a place on Saturday (the timing of which means that I'm going to miss my class at the gym but that's the way it goes) and the planner brought up the notion of using the zoo. Which I think I had sort of written off as kind of over the top but it supports the zoo, and it's also a venue in Point Defiance Park, where we have a lot of history. It's close to the house, we've biked there, ran there, kayaked there, picnicked there, and are zoo members. So I'm trying to set up a date to go look at that soon.

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