Thursday, February 17, 2011

Weddings = AISLE. Geography = ISLE

FYI. I just saw somewhere else that a wedding professional used 'isle'. Bonkers, I tell you.

In other news, I sent out the bridesmaids bomb a few hours ago and I'm on pins and needles for reactions. Boiled down, it said that I couldn't find a way to like one of the cheaper brands. But I really thought about it and with 5-10% off from the manufacturer for ordering more than three, plus the 10% coupon I got from the store at the wedding expo plus the credit I had applied to their accounts, it's normal. I said to look at the two brands I like, send me votes for the one that you like best (I'm doing individual styles within the same general idea) and we'll go from there. Really it wasn't bad but it feels really strange to say, "Now if you could hop to and spend your money on this dress I'm dictating, that'd be greeeeeaaaaat."

I hope they like them and everyone's happy.

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