Thursday, March 3, 2011

Two Days to Portland!

In two days, we're actually going to take a vacation. I can't wait. We both need this as individuals and as a couple. It's not a big deal vacation - just driving down to Portland to stay in a hotel I had a Groupon for and maybe going to a movie and just hanging around the hotel but we're going to turn our phones off and just be a couple for two days. Not a couple that is planning (and paying for - oy vey) a wedding or moving or anything. Just two people who love each other.

It's desperately needed. I've been mildly-moderately dizzy for a week. Generally it's not too bad. Sometimes it's just looking at the computer screen and thinking that they curved the lettering when they didn't but a couple times it was enough to start thinking that I should pull over until it passed. We've both been snippy.

Should I stay home to work on moving in so the house is a little less like an episode of Hoarders (minus the opossums and other vermin)? That might be a good idea but I haven't had a real day off - just doing what I want to do - not work or wedding. Next week, I'll go gangbusters on the house and garage and shed and then, I'll finally be able to get back to some semblance of routine - regular mealtimes and time at the gym.

Sadly, the times I most need to write to chill myself out are when I can't find time. Perhaps there will be more on moving in later. Or not.

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