Thursday, March 17, 2011

Just When I'd Labeled the Day: It got way better

Remember Tuesday? Things were looking up and then crashed? Well Tuesday turned out great. No, I did not make it to the gym for my class.

But I did:
  • Get an email saying that the new graphic designer would work with our budget. Awesome!
  • Get my mitts on not just one dress of a size that would work but also got another bigger size for one girl who was going to need her dress fixed to fit (an 8yo in a 6X). When my fiance struck out at JCPenney, the girl who was helping him suggested we try Burlington Coat Factory. He called them, the did, indeed have the dress and held a couple for me. AWESOME!
  • Come home to find an envelope from my former landlord. I held my breath and opened it - to find a HUGE deposit return. I literally jumped for joy at how the day turned out.
What a relief the day turned out to be. Now to just start crossing other things off our insane to do list. :)

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