Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Don't Even Know Where to Start

This whole thing has turned into such a disaster. Friday the graphic designer we've been dealing with for months kind of added the last straw. Then I posted a thing on The Rot (my new name for a popular wedding site with a rhyming name) about it and I should have known better. There's a band of bitches that just like to be bitches and think that they're just 'being blunt' and really they're mean. So I left work sobbing. Happy Friday.

Now I have great dresses for all of the flower girls but one. The one that it would be the worst to have her in an 'odd girl out' dress. And I can't find another dress like the others in the right size anywhere. Hours on the internet, multiple store visits in multiple areas... have all come up empty handed. TJ Maxx has its drawbacks.

Then the person I thought would be my new graphic design solution... yeah, WAY out of the budget. Stop my heart and make me think that I'm on candid camera style out of my budget.

It's looking like my evening will not be spent at the gym but instead going to more stores on a dress hunt that is likely a wild goose chase, searching etsy (and cursing their information overload), and the cheaper invitations sites. Oh, and I think I may be getting sick.

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