Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gone Prompt Stupid

So, I'm not really keen on the term "Bridal Brain". It sounds simultaneously like a justification for doing whatever you want (but I'm the BRIDE!!!!) and condescending.

Unfortunately, I find myself in the curious state of having gone stupid. In the last two weeks I have tried to mail a box I did not put a new address on, texted the totally wrong Jen - even though one I texted lists her last name in my phone, and now opened a shower present my sister had shipped to my office. It went like this: I returned from lunch to find a soft package on my desk. I looked at it for a minute trying to remember what the hell I had ordered. When I couldn't figure it out, I opened it. So I'm looking at this apron trying to figure out if I ordered it or what happened. Then I'm looking at the packing slip and am really confused as to why my sister's name is on it. Literally wondering how something she ordered for herself ended up at my office. Duuuhhhhh.


  1. aaahahahah this was hilarious! may the brain go back to normal after tomorrow! HAPPY WEDDING!!
    fellow apw reader dday

  2. Have an amazing wedding! Sending all sorts of good vibes.

    -also an APW reader

  3. happy wedding!!!!!!!!! :) tons of good wishes headed your way!

    - fellow APW reader

  4. Happy wedding day! Many good wishes for much happiness!
    - Another APW reader