Monday, May 2, 2011

I Miss My Grandma

Throughout the planning process, I've been painfully aware of the people I haven't had around me. My mom and sisters, for three. I was alone when I found the dress. Then I remembered that I wouldn't be able to show it to my grandma. Ever.

Five years ago today, she passed away. Just as she was getting ready for summer visits. Literally. She was making TV crunch (chex mix).

As much as I continue to mourn her death, I mourn especially this year as I keep wanting to tell her about wedding plans and show them to her as best I could (she had macular degeneration - wear your sunglasses!). Most of all, I'm truly sorry she and my fiance never met. She would love him for the same reasons I do but especially for how good he is to me and the way he looks at me. She's always missed but especially this year and especially today.

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