Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I'm at another burn out point. After agonizing over photographers, we kind of chose one and emailed him two days ago. Now, I'm not one of those bat dung crazy ladies who thinks that he's been anxiously awaiting my email and has nothing better to do than to fire off a speedy response. I know he's got all sorts of work stuff to do nevermind having a life. Does that knowledge make me watch my inbox any less? Heck no. Does it make me any less disappointed when I see it go up one only to find that it is just more David's Bridal spam? No. And, total duh, I'm just now realizing that since I took so long to get into looking for photographers, then so long looking, then choosing, by the time they have time open for an engagement shoot, it's going to be completely hideous outside.

Oh. Whoops.

Maybe we'll have to go snowshoeing or something. But is that poser-y? I've only been snowshoeing once before. I don't even own shoes. I just used rentals. Maybe it's bad lighting for us super-pales, too.

In other news, I've accomplished notalot and I'm already so over cruising the web for cheap bridesmaid dress options and shoes and paper goods. Snore. Maybe I'll put my next dogsitting money towards just subsidizing Aria dresses (http://www.ariadress.com/index.htm) or one of the other halfway decent bridesmaid lines. Really, I think that I would wear one of these again, too. Flats and a cardigan. Right? Or have I gone around the bend?

It just sounds so much easier. It's hard to first find things in the colors I want and then find them that are cheap and flattering to everyone. Especially since two of them are tall ladies and need a little extra length.

I guess I need to start getting up earlier and maybe doing some of this for an hour in the morning. By the time I get home from the gym at 7ish, make dinner, clean up, and shower, I'm ready to crash.

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