Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Photographers - Again

I haven't the time nor the inclination to write much on this today but I need some sort of outlet. We had the final photographer interview last night. And he was amazing, too. Why, oh, why couldn't any of them been total clowns like the one planner I met with? Crossing her off the list and sending the "No thanks!" email was so easy! Especially after she got somewhat hostile about the rejection. I hate having to say, "Thanks for braving rush hour for us. Sorry about that parking ticket you got while meeting with us (true news). You're amazing and there's nothing you could have done any better or different. We're going to have to say no, though." Efff.

I almost just want to draw straws to have it over with. We kind of have it narrowed down to two and I like the one's pictures just a little better but he's more expensive and she's cheaper and Justin's having a hard time justifying the more expensive guy and she is good friends with our planner and, and, and...

And it will be better when I can sleep a night and when the stress hormones stop racing through my body. I'm sick of my cheeks being flush and chest feeling funny.

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