Monday, October 18, 2010

Wedding Websites

I finally buckled down and created our wedding website last night. It was the douchiest I've felt in a long time. But I did do it while Justin got to watch the race he had recorded. NASCAR.

I went with I would have preferred Nearlyweds because it's local or Wedding Window because you can password protect the entire site (so I would feel safer putting things like our permanent address on there. Doesn't anyone else get freaked out that your address is available to anyone who looks up your registry? Which are always really easy to find...) but is free. And I'm not about to shell out $100 for a dippy wedding website.

Now I caved and made one even though they're kind of dippy because I love the Tour Guide Barbie aspect of it. Want gyros? It's Greek to Me! Want a huge selection of beers? The Ale House! Hotels? Hotel Murano made a bunch of hot s*** Conde Nast and whatnot lists but The Silver Cloud is right on the water! That part, I love. Both for helping to support the businesses I love and for introducing the people I love to these places.

But writing the how we met story and crap? Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. How do I put it nicely that first I went on a few dates with a nearly 40 year old. When things didn't quite work out between us (I'm a little too prudy for him), he set me up with his friend at a party. His friend, Josh* and I had a super drunken makeout, passed out together, and that was about it. Josh and I talked on the phone some but he's kind of a dbag. Then, I ran into Josh and Kevin at a bar and I was intoxicated enough to be excited to see him (it was more the novelty of I had met him hundreds of miles away and had never run into him around here). So I made my way over and said hi and met his friend. Then we went to another bar. All night, Kevin thought that I was into Josh so while he liked me, he instead started dating another girl he met that night, Shannon.

Months later, while he was dating Shannon, Kevin and I ran into each other. In my surprise at him remembering me, he felt like I blew him off. Months later still, just after he had broken up with Shannon and was looking forward to some time as a single man, he and I ran into each other again. This time I insisted he take my number and the rest is history. Ooey-gooey history.

It's like everyone else's stories are these "We met and it was magic!" I don't know if a lot of those are just plain BS or if ours is weird because when we got together, neither one of us was expecting it to work out. We thought it was a fun temporary thing. I even kind of balked when he said he wanted to be exclusive. And about five months after we started dating, he dumped me twice in one week.

But he is mine and I am his. Like puzzle pieces you didn't think would fit together and when you give it a try, it just snaps into place and is this comfortable pair.

*Names have been changed to protect the totally guilty. And, in my defense, that was a long time ago and compared to a lot of other college kids, I was pretty tame and together...

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