Monday, April 25, 2011

Getting Stuff Done!

With my Good Friday holiday, we accomplished a lot. We went from engagement photos to lunch to a meeting with the officiant to getting our marriage license, and booking our ceremony cellist. After a long day, we celebrated with beer and wings. (Can it be Friday again?) It really was a spectacular day.

Saturday was gym, gym, shower, then coffee and going over the to-do list. I don't know if we really accomplished much besides him finally saying that he totally hates the idea of a mad libs guest book. Ohhhkay. Back to the drawing board. It was a beautiful day. My first of the year in capris. After we got home, we spent a couple hours on cleaning and organizing. Mine was mostly in the shed moving stuff around to make more room and taking pictures of stuff we're going to offer to friends and then sell what's left. Some of it I'm sad to see go but by now, I'm just happy about the prospect of not climbing over it anymore.

After a couple hours of that, we went to his brother's house to hang out a while. My wedding accomplishment pride was short-lived when I asked his brother's wife about her sister's wedding plans. "Oh, it's over a year away and she has all of this and that and that done and she's hired a planner that she's BFFs with and talks to her every day and she found the perfect dress on Craigslist but it was off-white and, and, and." My mind translated that to, "I'm a giant failure" and I juusst about got really unhappy. Luckily I figured out a quip, "Sometimes things just fall right into place. Glad it's like that for her!" Because it's been effing hell for me.

All in all though, we had a really fun night and I was happy that I was able to hang out with his brother's wife solo for at least a little while and find stuff to talk about.

Sunday was okay. This whole getting married and making concessions on holidays stuff stinks. I always just get home feeling like I missed the holiday because it wasn't "right". But, of all the holidays, Easter's one of the ones I can give up most easily.

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