Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Negative Nellies

Unfortunately, this has gotten away from my initial idea which was to have this great history of all of the fun I had planning and what a great era the engagement was. But, I rarely have time to write and only seem to force time to write when I'm feeling crappy and need an outlet for my toxic. Sorry.

I'm in a bad state of stupids and uglies. It's sunny today and maybe some good weather will help the issues. Or maybe not. I'm just all sorts of sick of the world right now. Sick of this stupid wedding, sick of super stupid work, sick of trying to diet and always feeling like crap about it no matter what. If I'm eating well I'm well aware of the good stuff I'm missing, sick of the social pressure to not diet but be magically skinny, if I'm not eating perfect then I feel guilty for having fun and eating things that taste good.

I really want to hop a plane to anywhere but here.

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