Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Like I've Said Before...

I rarely force the time to write when I have happy news to report. But maybe I'll start with the happy now and it will help me scrounge up some rose-colored glasses.

Received the flower girls' necklaces I ordered for them. They were about$15 each off of Amazon for some type of pearls. Not sure how genuine or what grade or whatever. I do know that they were listed as original price being about $50. While I think I got a decent deal, I think I'd be kind of pissed if I had spent $50. But, pearl necklaces for eight for $15 each that they can wear plenty and their moms won't stress about damaging them: Good deal.

Received all of the stamps I ordered. Our address, the logo two ways, and "A Toast!". For anyone shopping for custom stamps, I know Etsy is awesome and I like supporting small businesses but, obviously, I also like supporting manufacturing (and they definitely used a CNC to make these) and, while the Etsy turnaround time is longer, I had to pay overnight shipping but otherwise, I got them all super fast and the base price was something like $15, each, tops. I highly recommend Simon Stamps. However, the smell in my office after smoked salmon for lunch and then receiving a brand new rubber stamp... P.U.

I also found a stamp that I was able to cut the middle out of and use the border to make a border around the mail to address.

Received the coasters. Unfortunately, the one stamp with the huge stamped area, doesn't work well with the textured coaster. I need to find new ink (I think this stuff will run when wet anyways) and maybe new coasters. Crap. However, when they're done right, they're going to really great. I like them a lot.

Spent the weekend stamping envelopes. 130 envelopes with one stamp on them and 130 with three stamps. That's a lot of stamping. But now I'm getting a little stressed that the USPS will have a freakout over the white on gray writing. That's just crazy, though, right? Surely people will get their invitations and we'll get the RSVPs, right???

Then I spent the last two nights addressing envelopes. Glad we ordered more than we needed. I burned about seven of them. For instance: one I addressed to my cousin's family: Mark, Cindy, kids, etc. and then her maiden name. Don't know why I'm obsessed with her maiden name. They've been married something like ten years, I like him... don't know. I addressed her birthday card to her maiden name, too.

Figured out how to make a thing so that I can assemble the invitations perfectly and quickly. Duh. That took forever. I work for a company that makes CAM software. We'll make one here. Stupid. And, since I'm not spending $70 for the envelopments Jigster, and it's a computer program, we can make two of them and assemble simultaneously. It will go by quicker, we'll both be pleased by the perfection, and then we can put stamps on them, put them in the mail and get hot dogs and celebrate our behinds off.

Fiance's ACL can wait for surgery. Downside: it's that much longer until we can do some of the things we like to do together. Also, as his schedule worked out he has this week off. Downside of that: he keeps talking about how much he needed this time off and how he's going to do something fun. Okay, Hi, I've reached a breaking point with half the people I work with and I've been sick three weeks of the last six and when I'm not at work I'm at the gym, cleaning, working on wedding stuff, or being guilted into social events because I turn everything down because I have mad s*** to do. Which makes me an a-hole for turning every social invite down and I don't want to be 'that girl' so I go and then when I get home I feel guilty for spending the time that way and for the calories in what I ate/drank. But if I get a salad and iced tea, people say, "Oh, come on, you're not going to become one of those calorie-obsessed people." Because they don't understand that even in the last week when I worked out six times (total of about 2,000 calorie burn) and didn't eat all crazy, I gained four pounds.

Oh, and not only are some of people I work with driving me nuts but I'm scattered, depressed, and unable to focus. = seriously decreased productivity. = I suck.

Bottom line: I have to get back to work. Haven't yet found my rose-colored glasses.

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